Free, Open, Neutral, Borderless, Censorship-Resistant, Public Blockchain Technology.




A Free, Open-source, Permissionless, Proof of Work, blockchain coin.


XCCX is,

a cryptocurrency blockchain,

purely designed to secure, an on-chain,

distributed ledger, transaction protocol,

.consensus mechanism.


XCCX provides,

a dynamic, automated, intelligent, system,

for transaction validators, to create value 

with on-chain Staking incentives.



is a Secure, Hybrid Scrypt/Proof Of Work coin-chain,

with a dynamic market driven value.

Proof of Activity


BlockChainCoinX encourages Manual management of

Unspent Outputs, to generate a dynamic block subsidy.


This decentralized incentive structure contributes to efficiency and

network security, while continuously pruning chain size and network weight, 

Regular and frequent Participation in Manual Compounding and transaction activity,

creates the opportunity for individuals to grow the UTXO set and increase staking weight.


Decentralized Chain Pruning

To be most productive,

regular,human to wallet / UTXO management

and interaction is most efficient.


In Essence

Maximum Value, is entirely up to,

direct manual participation in the

BlockChanCoinX decentralized consensus network.



Mission & Vision 



To demonstrate wizdom, in the

open-source, block-chain ecosystem,

by sharing together, as free communities.


Learning and Teaching, in the cryptocurrency space.


Bringing communities together, to discover and explore,


Free, Open, Neutral, Borderless, Censorship-Resistant, Public, Blockchain Technology.